About us

Akinos  Aviation pvt ltd is Air Charter Services Management Company based in Hyderabad, Telangana state India. Our air charter services are available in almost all major parts of India. We offer both, a wide selection of Business Jet Aircrafts for your air charter needs in India and full-service aircraft management programs that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Akinos Aviation offers virtually any type of charter aircraft / Helicopter with 24x7x365 days support. If you request a particular aircraft, which is unavailable, we have access to additional Helicopter / charter aircrafts to meet your needs. Helicopter rental / air charter gives you the luxury of leaving your hotel / office room just minutes before your public / business meeting or convention starts.

  • To reach remote location helicopter rentals / air charters / private jets keep you on your schedule.
  • To attend an urgent business meet or would catch a corporate event and would need to get there as fast as you can, Bussiness jet  aircharter will quickly take you to your destination earlier than what you have expected.
  • To see places up above the sky for mere pleasure, helicopters can be rented as  Leisure helicopter / Heli sight seeing .
  • To make Special event a memorable or in a different way, (for instance wedding) helicopters can be chartered as Bridal chopper . This would certainly give you better reasons to feel like floating on the air.
  • To get a Urgent Medical aid by experts in a different city helicopters can be hired as  Air ambulance.
  • To maintain security by  Aerial survey  on special events, where travel by road may be near impossible(during religious ceremony or Flood relief survey).
  • To get some  Aerial photography / Aerial Film Shooting ? of one place or a survey of a particular territory which would not be possible by land, helicopters can be rented as an efficient mean to meet the requirements.
  • To Campaign in Elections , for a whirl wind Tour and campaign in multiple Locations same day.